Urban Classics Tie Dye Socks 2-Pack multicolor - 35-38

From the very first sight this twin package of pairs of socks exudes pure coziness. The employed tie-dye pattern fits perfectly to all feel-good clothes. The long and continuously ribbed shaft of the socks ensures a perfect fit. Farba: multicolor Zloženie: Oberstoff 1: 75% Baumwolle 23% Polyester 2% Elasthan, ,

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Urban Classics Short Sporty Logo Socks Coloured Cuff 4-Pack multicolor - 47-50

You can never have enough sports socks for your wardrobe! Relief brings this value pack of four sporty and robust stockings with lightly ribbed shafts, reinforced toes, soles and heel areas as well as wide, elastic cuffs. The design highlight is the all-round Urban Classic lettering around the cuffs, highlighted in the fresh colors green, blue, yellow and orange. Farba: multicolor Zloženie: Oberstoff 1: 78% Baumwolle 20% Polyester 2% Elasthan, ,

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Urban Classics Check Socks 5-Pack blk/h.grey/wht - 47-50

Comfy unisex socks for sport and leisure: the five in one socks pack feature a striking checkerboard pattern in three different colors. Toe area as well as the the elastic cuffs are held in contrasting color. The material of the unisex socks is cotton that includes a small percentage of elastane and polyester, thus promises excellent wearing comfort and guarantees a precise fit. The socks are cut calf high. Farba: blk/h.grey/wht Zloženie: Oberstoff 1: 80% Baumwolle 17% Polyester 3% Elasthan, ,

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Mister Tee Ice Cream Socks 3-Pack white - 39-42

These Urban Classics tennis socks in a fresh triple value pack are both sporty and funny. The calf-high rib shaft with elastic cuffs as well as the solid, reinforced sole area offer heavenly wearing comfort. The sports socks feature small ice cream cone embroideries on the shaft and three different color designs made of cotton, polyester and elastane. Farba: white Zloženie: Shell Fabric 1: 75% Cotton 23% Polyester 2% Elastane

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Urban Classics Heart Socks 3-Pack black/white/yellow - 35-38

Show a heart for stockings! These feet happy making models are cut calf-high and come in three colorful packs of three. They all feature little, color-accented heart motifs at the sides of the cuffs and half-ribbed shafts. They offer you heavenly wearing comfort and are slip-resistant. Farba: black/white/yellow Zloženie: Oberstoff 1: 75% Baumwolle 22% Polyester 2% Elasthan 1% Polyamid, ,

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Urban Classics Recycled Yarn Sneaker Socks 10-Pack multicolor - 43-46

Equipped with this excellent ten-in-one sneaker socks package, the fortunate owner will always have matching socks for every possible pair of shoes at hand. Naturally, the short-shafted socks are also suitable for all kinds of sports activities and – for the sake of the environment – are made of recycled cotton and polyester. Farba: multicolor Zloženie: Shell Fabric 1: 58% Cotton 40% Polyester 2% Elastane, recycled

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