Urban Classics Brandit Britannia Winter Jacket indigo - L

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This teddy fur lined winter jacket radiates warmth and comfort, even during storms or scurries of snow. It comes in the style of a field jacket and with a used look. Thoughtful details such as the hidden hood or the zipper under the front panel provide full functionality. Profit also from various design features such as chest and side pockets, epaulettes and cleverly placed darts. Choose the “Britannia Winter Jacket”, if you want to stay handsome, even during the wintertime.
Farba: indigo
Zloženie: Füllung: 100% Polyester, , Futter 1: 100% Polyester, Kunstfell, Futter 2: 100% Polyester, , Futter 3: 100% Polyester, Kapuze, Oberstoff 1: 100% Baumwolle, ,